Approval, Approval, Approval!

This design project has now been approved, although small, the new home extension will increase the ground floor area by 38%, creating a more open living environment for growing family life.

Planning Success Rate


Willis and Powe pride themselves on there planning permission success rate. Our in depth pre-application and outline services ensures that disappointed is kept to a minimum. Our extensive planning knowledge and relationship with local planning authorities ensures that every Willis and Powe job has the highest chance to be approved.

Architecture-Palace-3We take on a huge range of work but specialise in domestic extension throughout South England. Please get in touch to arrange a free consultation where we can discuss the potential of your home, we can help you develop idea you may not of considered and give you an overview of the planning process as well as looking into the viability of your design.We work closely with yourselves and regardless of your budget we treat every job with the same care and attention.


Our architectural plans are expertly prepared and we keep you involved throughout the whole process. Visit us at, or find us on Twitter and Facebook to see some of our work or get in touch.